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ronbo's blog

From Sherlock (SRCC): On-boarding Session: 10/2/2020 @1pm

We are offering a Sherlock On-boarding session this Friday October 2nd 1-2pm PST. This one hour session will be a brief introduction to Sherlock's layout, scheduler limits, filesystems and some job submission/software installation best practices for new users. So, come by if you are new to Sherlock and/or HPC in general. We will be offering these sessions on a regular basis, so look for more announcements soon.

SPSS license error with MacOSX Catalina

If you have not been able to get SPSS to run on Catalina, here's a couple of solutions that may fix your issue. Thanks to the Technical Systems team at the Vice Provost for Technology and Learning (VPTL)!

Detailed instructions at IBM SPSS to fix Error 7001 Symptom 18 - There is no license for IBM SPSS Statistics authorized user:

ICPSR: Latest update for Summer Program course formats

Happy 2020 Summer Program!

Today is the official beginning of the 2020 ICPSR Summer Program! We're so glad that we can offer the program this year, and though we will miss seeing everyone in Ann Arbor or in our off-site locations, we have been working to make this year's program as academically fulfilling as any other with as many networking opportunities as we can arrange in a virtual environment.

CIDR Workshop: Gentle Introduction to AI

This is an interactive workshop to introduce Humanists and Social Scientists  who would like to start exploring AI for their work. While we might take a peek at some computer code, no coding is involved and no prior knowledge of coding is required. You will get to know a typical workflow, review examples for how it might be used, and discuss the implications of models, data and ethical considerations.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Data gems from the Internet Archive

From the desk of James jacobs, Stanford US Government Information Librarian:

Just a reminder that there's LOTS of information in the internet archive besides simple web pages. Dig in and you’ll no doubt find collections of import to your subject areas. this was a new one for me: software that automatically updates into IA. It looks like IA is plugged directly into the Bundestag document system.


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