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DEWI: Data Extraction Web Interface

Overview of the DEWI System


DEWI requires Stanford SUNetID authentication.  Off-campus access requires Stanford VPN.

DEWI is a web-based tool that allows users to find and extract variables from selected datasets within the Stanford University Libraries' social science numeric data collection. It is available for use by the Stanford community for research and instruction. The DEWI System was inspired by the Electronic Codebook (ECB) for Windows that was developed by Dennis Carroll at the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

DEWI provides a one-stop shop where users can locate variables by browsing through the entire list of variables or searching on keywords within the variable metadata, such as variable names, labels, descriptions, or value labels. Variables can then be selected for extraction. Other useful information, such as variable sample frequencies, descriptions, full-text manuals and technical documentation, can be viewed within DEWI by clicking the "Codebooks, etc." button. Once you have finished selecting the variables you want, you can extract them from the full dataset. You can then filter observations/records in your dataset on specific values of variables of interest.  Finally, download your extract file in popular statistical software formats to your computer or accessed directly in AFS from your sunet id account.

If you are a first time DEWI System user, click on the "Help" button within any DEWI session, where you will find detailed directions for selecting and extracting data. Please send us any comments, corrections, suggestions or errors by clicking on the "Feedback" button within any DEWI extraction session, or contact us via this site. Your feedback will help us to improve the DEWI System and is greatly appreciated.