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SSDS "How to" Videos

The following instructional videos were created by SSDS to orient beginner users to popular software.  Our videos guide users through basic functions of data management, manipulation and analysis.  For additional resources, please see our Getting Started Guides & Documents.

We advise that new users watch the videos sequentially, as they follow a logical progression through necessary functions. Users who are more familiar with the software may choose to skip ahead to later topics. 


V1. Layout Interface

V2. Opening Importing Data Files

V3. Renaming Labeling Variables Values

V4. Learning About Your Data

V5. Working with Syntax and Managing Output

V6. Analyzing Subsets and Groups

V7. Missing Numerical Data


V1. Stata Layout & Interface

V2. Opening and Importing Data Files

V3. Renaming and Labeling Variables and Values

V4. Working with Do-Files


V1. SAS Layout Interface

V2. SAS Opening Importing Data Files

V3. SAS Language

V4. SAS Variable Atrributes and Labels

V5. SAS Missing Data