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Data gems from the Internet Archive

From the desk of James jacobs, Stanford US Government Information Librarian:

Just a reminder that there's LOTS of information in the internet archive besides simple web pages. Dig in and you’ll no doubt find collections of import to your subject areas. this was a new one for me: software that automatically updates into IA. It looks like IA is plugged directly into the Bundestag document system.

Exploring Census Data Webinar Series: Education – Key Census Data on Education

Learn about education data from the Census Bureau and how this information can be valuable to you. These webinars, presented by subject matter experts, provide information on Census data from business and demographic programs based on popular topics. During this webinar, Census Bureau experts will help you:

Understand practical ways to use our education data through illustrations and use cases.
Learn about available resources and data tools, which can assist you in saving time looking for data.
Learn how to compare and contrast the different types of available data.

IPUMS APIS: Interact with IPUMS using code

Now you can interact with IPUMS data products programmatically! IPUMS APIs allow you to explore and retrieve IPUMS data in a whole new way. You can automate and integrate IPUMS data into your own tools and workflows.

Our first public APIs, the IPUMS Metadata and Data Extract APIs, allow you to submit a JSON request to describe the data you want, monitor our progress building your data extract, and download your data when it is ready. Currently it supports IPUMS NHGIS data. IPUMS USA coming soon!


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